AI3 & SOI Asia Directors and ARENA-PAC Meeting

Dates: August 31st – September 2nd, 2022
Venue: The Sakala Resort Bali, Bali – Indonesia

List of Participants

Heri AkhmadiAmbassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan
Rahmad DawoodUniversitas Syah Kuala
Keiko OkawaKeio University
Jun MuraiKeio University
Kiyoko ItagakiKeio University
Eliko AkashiKeio University
Keisuke UeharaKeio University
Achmad Husni TamrinKeio University
Yukie ShibuyaKeio University
Tat-Chee WanUniversiti Sains Malaysia
Yung-Wey ChongUniversiti Sains Malaysia
Muhammad NiswarUniversitas Hasanuddin
Amil Ahmad IlhamUniversitas Hasanuddin
Alwin Melkie SambulUniversitas Sam Ratulangi
Achmad BasukiUniversitas Brawijaya
Bayani Benjamin R. LaraAdvanced Science of Technology Institute
Franz de LeonAdvanced Science of Technology Institute
Hirochika AsaiPreferred Networks
Marcos Sadao MaekawaAPNIC Foundation
Takashi TomineWIDE Project
Raden Arief SetyawanUniversitas Brawijaya
Kasyful AmronUniversitas Brawijaya
Alan Stevrie BalantimuheUniversitas Brawijaya
Gema Adha HermanendaUniversitas Brawijaya
Achmad AffandiIDREN
Sushant ChaliseTribhuvan University (Online)
Md. Jarez MiahBangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Online)
Hossen Asiful MustafaBangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Online)
Md. Saiful IslamBangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Online)

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The meeting will be held at
The Sakala Resort Bali
Bali, Indonesia


The meeting will be held at
The Sakala Resort Bali
Bali, Indonesia

DateTime (*)Topic
August 31st, 202209.25Zoom Meeting Open
09:30—12:00• Opening by Prof. Jun Murai
• Agenda bashing
• Decide Next 54th AI3/SOI Asia meeting hosted by DOST-ASTI
  ◦ Manila, Philippines
  ◦ Date: week of 14, November, 2022
• AI3/SOI Asia Directors Meeting (1) Education
• CBR Framework / CBR_IoT
12:00—13:30Lunch (Hotel)
13:30—17:00Continue morning agenda
19:00Dinner (at Hotel)
September 1st, 202209:25Zoom Meeting Open
09:30—12:00• AI3/SOI Asia Directors Meeting (1) Education
• MoU report
12:00—13:30Lunch (Hotel)
13:30—17:00• Photo session
18:00• Dinner (Jendela Resto)
• Suguru Award
September 2nd, 202209:25Zoom Meeting Open
09:30—12:00AI3/SOI Asia Directors Meeting (3) Research, Planning
12:00—13:30Lunch (Hotel)
13:30—17:00• ARENA-PAC Meeting (2) Connection w/ IDREN

(*) Using localtime, GMT+8 


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